The Hotel Palazzo Bocci was the residence of the family of the same name descending from Pier Leone, a 15th century condottiere. The original town plan dates back to the 14th century, but its present appearance is the result of restoration work in the 18th and 19th century. Today Palazzo Bocci has recovered features of the building constructed in the second half of the 18th century following the restoration of the old town centre of Spello, by wish of the Passeri family.

The family that was responsible for the rebirth of Palazzo Bocci is a direct descendant of the old noble family of Spello whose origins go back to the 14th century. Indeed, later Palazzo Bocci passed to the descendants of Pier Leone Bocci of Spello and Cinzia Federici da Bevagna, who were married at the beginning of the 18th century.

Some members of the family, such as Doctor Pietro Bocci, a notable of Foligno and Mayor of Spello until 1880, and the lawyer Domenico Bocci, he too mayor of the town during the fascist period, lived in Palazzo Bocci and were responsible for later restoration work.


The seventeenth century building offers its guests surroundings and rooms that evoke an atmosphere of rare beauty, such as the fountain at the entrance, the hanging garden with two century-old palm trees, the spectacular Hall of Frescoes, the rooms, the luxurious suites, plus views and hidden corners that the Hotel Palazzo Bocci jealously preserves as if they were a treasure.

The Hotel Palazzo Bocci is the place where history, traditions and art coexist along with new technologies, thanks to the well-balanced restoration work, with its design of exclusive rooms, both simple and elegant, for a stay with a touch of the past.

Today, in Palazzo Bocci one can admire the remarkable painting by Benvenuto Cripoldi and several masterpieces by masters of the period that exalt the magic of the rooms of this refined and exclusive residence.